Cathy Beardow

As a child growing up in Africa, Cathy dreamed of becoming a game ranger.  Her earliest safari memory is throwing stones at hippos to deter them from chasing her mokoro (or canoes as we call them). But the heady world of the finance jungle sent her to Australia on a 2-year audit while working for KPMG London. Cathy fell in love with Sydney, and it has now been home for more than 26 years.  As a finance executive, she’s achieved the prestigious position of Fellow Charted accountant, working across the finance and property industries, both in large established corporations and startup businesses, across the UK and Australia.

Outside of work, Cathy is a mum to 4 beautiful girls. She also enjoys an early morning kayak in Sydney harbour or walking in the surrounding bush trying to spot the local celebrities  – but no hippos.