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Term Sheet: Titanium Ventures promotes Albert Bielinko, Jonathan Serfaty, and Eugin Lee

Titanium Ventures, a San Francisco and Sydney, Australia-based venture capital firm, promoted Albert Bielinko to general partner, Jonathan Serfaty to partner, head of data, and Eugin Lee to vice president.

By Fortune July 12, 2024

Titanium Ventures, Interview With Managing Partner Mark Sherman

In conjunction with the rebranding from Telstra Ventures to Titanium Ventures, Managing Partner Mark Sherman talks about the firm and their activity.

By FINSMEs June 25, 2024

Pro Rata: Telstra Ventures changes its name to Titanium Ventures

Telstra Ventures, which spun out of Australian telco Telstra in 2018, changed its name to Titanium Ventures.

By Axios June 25, 2024

Telstra Ventures doubles down on strategy, rebrands to Titanium

The team at Telstra Ventures started thinking about rebranding five years ago, shortly after spinning off from the Australian telecommunications giant that shared its name. Now, the firm is known as Titanium Ventures, a nod to the strength and lightweight nature of the element.

By BayAreaInno June 25, 2024