Gurpreet Ghuliani

Operating Partner

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Gup — as we all know him, has a mantra about just getting it done! And he absolutely does. He has long-standing roots with Telstra Corporation, which he first joined after Engineering school in 1990. He’s been instrumental in shaping Titanium since, either through launching Titanium’s hosted IP Telephony service and building startup practices, be it ecommerce in the U.K. or delivering customer insight driven offers to market across Australia and Asia.

Having an airline pilot for a father gave Gup the opportunity to live in three continents in his early years – fine tuning what is now an appreciation of food from all over the world. However, after spending time in the U.K. where he worked as an investment banker with HSBC Securities, he put roots down in Australia — where in his view — is the best place to raise his two beautiful daughters.

Now, Gup uses his unique product, marketing and sales skills to find new opportunities to help our entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. And when he’s not busy exploring new horizons with his entrepreneurs, he’s discovering new wines from around the world or new parts of the Australian outback with his two rescue greyhounds.

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